Ankle and foot pain

Did you know amongst other things, chiropractors frequently also treat foot and ankle problems?


Amazingly in an average lifetime, our feet carry us an equivalent of five times around the Earth and in addition to this, the feet must take the strain of supporting the body’s weight even when just standing still. Given how often we use our feet, and the demands we make upon them on a day to day basis, it’s so important to look after them properly.


In each foot there is a total of 26 bones, and damage to any one of them, or even related muscles, ligaments or cartilage can result in problems with the foot that may need attention from a trained professional in order to prevent longer term damage.


Pay good attention to your feet; changes and/or pain in the feet and ankles could indicate a more serious foot ailment or circulatory problem, so if in doubt, check it out!

Ankle Pain

Ankles can be prone to injuries such as sprains, achillies tendon injuries, and affected by calf strains. If an ankle injury has been present for months, the stability of the ankle and foot will be compromised and an injury is likely to reoccur. Ankle injuries may be from falling and or twisting the ankle, however another potential cause of ankle pain can also be as a result of a trapped nerve in the lower back referring pain to the ankle. A full examination with your Chiropractor can determine if this is the case.

Ankle pain symptoms:

  • Dull ache and swelling - which may indicate a sprain or tear of the ankle ligaments.

  • Clunking and clicking can indicate a joint problem in the many joints of the foot.

  • Numbness, tingling shooting and pins and needles maybe a sign of nerve irritation.

Ankle complaints chiropractors can help with:

  • Ankle sprains and strains

  • Calf pain

  • Achillies tendonitis, tendonosis

  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome

  • Back injury causing leg pain.

Foot pain

The feet are flexible structures of bones, joints, muscles, and soft tissues that let us stand upright and perform activities like walking, running, and jumping. The feet are divided into three sections:

  • The forefoot contains the five toes (phalanges) and the five longer bones (metatarsals).

  • The midfoot is a pyramid-like collection of bones that form the arches of the feet. These include the three cuneiform bones, the cuboid bone, and the navicular bone.

  • The hindfoot forms the heel and ankle. The talus bone supports the leg bones (tibia and fibula), forming the ankle. The calcaneus (heel bone) is the largest bone in the foot.

The foot's main role is to distribute force throughout the body as it strikes the ground, its a structure that is designed for flexibility and shock absorbance, if the foot is carrying an injury it means this flexibility is compromised and something else will be absorbing this pressure, for example the calf, knee hip or back.

Foot pain symptoms:

  • Pain upon weight bearing

  • Heel pain

  • Tingling and numbness

  • Swelling

  • Bruised feeling

Foot complaints chiropractors can help with:

  • Over pronation

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Flat foot

  • Joint pain

  • lower limb pain and referral

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