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Anna Szekely

Massage Therapist
Sports Massage level 4 (Dry Needling,  BNBF Natural Athlete)

Originally from Hungary, Anna has lived here in Bristol for the past 6 years. For past 5 years, Anna has been building on her passion for massage therapy, and in that time, Anna has completed over 10 qualifications that include Swedish massage, deep tissue, and level 4 sports massage.

Anna has a passion for human anatomy and loves building strong relationships with her clients and watching their quality of life improve throughout their treatments.

With her extensive background in fitness, Anna believes that a healthy body and mind thrive on three main factors: a consistent exercise routine, a balanced diet, and regular massage treatments.

She notices that many individuals prioritise the first two aspects, however due to their busy work schedules, they often overlook allocating the necessary time for both physical and mental recovery.

Anna would love to join you in your journey of self-improvement

Deep tissue massage is your choice if you're looking for firm pressure to get rid of stubborn muscles tightness

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