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Maddie Smith Deep Tissue Massage Therapy in Bristol UK

Maddie Smith

Massage Therapist
Sports Massage level 4 (FdSc DipCNM MSMA Clinical practitioner)

Maddie's educational journey encompassed a diverse range of treatments, including holistic massage and sports massage. Among these, Maddie finds particular fulfillment in sports massage, as it enables her to address the root causes of her clients' muscular issues, facilitating relaxation and rehabilitation.

Driven by a fascination with human anatomy and physiology, Maddie pursued a Complementary Healthcare degree at the University of Brighton. This educational path deepened her understanding of how to support the body effectively.

In addition to her massage expertise, Maddie obtained qualifications in Nutritional Therapy in 2019. This valuable knowledge empowers her to assist clients in making nutritional changes to support their bodies. Whenever possible, Maddie integrates her diverse skills to provide clients with comprehensive and well-rounded treatments.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Maddie finds joy in activities such as walking her dog, engaging in Pilates, and embracing a healthy lifestyle. These personal interests further reflect her commitment to holistic well-being.

Overall, Maddie's multidimensional approach, combined with her dedication and passion, enables her to deliver exceptional care and support to her clients, helping them achieve optimal health and balance.

Deep tissue massage is your choice if you're looking for firm pressure to get rid of stubborn muscles tightness

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