How can I improve my posture?: The Brugger Break

improve my posture

How can I improve my posture?: The Brugger Break

The Brugger Break, also known as the Brugger relief position is an exercise that is brilliant for desk workers as it reverses the effects of sitting at a desk for long periods. It is a quick exercise at only 10 seconds duration and is easy to perform. When performed regularly (every 20 minutes) it can be on of the answers to the nagging question “how can I improve my posture?”

Here is how to perform it: i) Sit forwards onto the front edge of your seat ii) spread your legs out to 45 degrees each side and lean forward slightly so that your body weight is distributed in to your feet as well as your back. iii) extend your arms and then pull them back and down behind your body with your thumbs turned outwards and palms open. iv) tuck your chin straight back in to your chin (essentially giving  your self a double chin) v) push you chest forwards vi) take a deep breath in… then out, as you are breathing out push your chest even further forwards, remember to keep your hands back and to the sides behind you. vii) hold the out breath for 10 seconds and then return to work. viii) Set a timer or write yourself a post it note reminder for on your computer so that every 20 minutes it can be performed.

it only takes 10 seconds and it will improve your posture, decrease your chance of back pain and aid any on-going treatment you are currently receiving.

Hope this little exercise helps.

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