How can I improve my posture?: The Pulsed Goblet Squat

The Pulsed Goblet Squat

The Reason

I have posted this exercise as it is a great exercise to combat a problem that many people appear to suffer from, tight hip flexors. As many of my patients will tell you, having tight hip flexors can lead to a cascade of pelvic problems that can lead to various regions of pain and dysfunction.

This exercise is designed to aid lower ab contraction and help fire the Gluteus Maximus muscles. Both muscles that become weak as a result of over active hip flexors, these muscles can become overactive from sitting too much or from performing leg raises or sit ups incorrectly. It is a great exercise to be performed in the gym to fully ingrain good movement patterns that will prevent injury and improve an anterior tilted (forwards tilt, bum protruding) pelvic posture.

Goblet Squat.

Hold a dumbbell or kettle bell close to your chest. This forces you to keep your chest up. Now as you squat down, drive the knees open. Weight is on your heels. At the bottom position, press the weight out, so your arms finish fully extended in front of you. You will feel the lower abs kick in big time. Bring the weight back in and drive through the heels, stand up and squeeze the glutes together.

Performing this exercise helps you with learning to engage the glutes with the lower abs and providing mobility to the hips. In addition grooving a clean squat pattern that will have carryover to real life situations.

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