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How exactly can a Chiropractor help treat my headache?

There a variety of different headache types, evidence shows that chiropractic can help treat two of the most common types, these are migraines and cervicogenic headaches. During a consultation, a chiropractor will assess you and form a working diagnosis as to which type of headache he thinks you are suffering from. They will then inform you as to whether they feel you would benefit from chiropractic treatment.

Treating ‘Migraines

Although migraine attacks affect a significant number of people, the triggering processes for the headaches are not fully understood. Many different triggering processes have been noted by sufferers in the past and finding the one that affects you may be the key into helping you prevent them reoccurring.

What is known about Migraines are that they have been found to be due to changes in the function of the blood or nervous systems in specific areas of the brain as well as due to changes in chemical balances within the body. With Chiropractic care, migraines may not be cured completely, though the frequency and the severity of the headaches has been found to be reduced (Ruegg, Shaw and Descarreaux et al, 2011), the mechanism of why this happens is currently unknown though there are theories.

One high quality research paper suggests that the relief of stress as a result of chiropractic care may be one of the reasons chiropractic treatment helps migraines, they found that “83% of participants reported stress as a major factor for their migraines.” they then continue “It appears probable that chiropractic care has an effect on the physical conditions related to stress and that in these people the effects of the migraine are reduced.” (Tuchin, Pollard and Bonello, 2000)

Treating ‘Cervicogenic headaches

Cervicogenic headaches are headaches that are as a result of pain and restriction within the neck. Cervico- means cervical region of the spine (the top 7 vertebrae that make up your neck) and -genic means the beginning (as in genesis). The second most commonly treated problem by chiropractors after lower back pain is neck pain and dysfunction. By using a variety of techniques a chiropractor can help treat your neck’s joints and musculature which in turn can have a profound effect on relieving cervicogenic headaches.

If you suffer from headaches, try arranging an assesment with a chiropractor. You may be very surprised as to the difference chiropractic treatment can make to your quality of life.

References: Ruegg R., Shaw L., Descarreaux M., Sorra K., Bryans R., Duranleau M., Marcoux H., Potter B., Watkin R., White E.. (2011). Evidence-based guideline for the chiropractic treatment of adults with headache. Clinical Chiropractic. 14 (4), 173-174.

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