Tommy Jermyn

Tommy Jermyn Sports Massage Bristol

Tommy's interest in solving injury concerns began when he was a lifeguard in his home town in Devon. 

The particular areas of injury that interested Tommy were prevention and rehabilitation. This coupled with a love for sport, it was an easy decision to combine the two and become a Sports Therapist.

Tommy is a keen sportsman, he plays Rugby, enjoys Surfing, Skiing and keeping active. Tommy knows the importance of keeping the body healthy and how much of an impact on life an injury can have. This is what drives Tommy's clinical work, as he loves being a part of the process in relieving issues and allowing patients to resume their normal lives.

Tommy currently works with the Bristol Bears Women’s rugby team alongside his clinical role. Tommy finds his work with the Bears both incredibly fun and challenging. What Tommy really loves about working with the Bears is that it he is constantly being challenged and finds himself learning new skills daily.

Chiropractors are known as the non-surgical spine experts. However, they can help with much more than just the spine!