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Danny Adams bristol chiropractor

Danny Adams

Registered Chiropractor

Danny works both at our Bristol clinic and on April 2nd he will be starting at our brand new sister clinic called Performance Chiropractic in Gloucester.

He is an accomplished Chiropractor of over 12 years, serving the communities of Bristol and Gloucester. Having spent his formative years in Bradley Stoke, Danny has a deep-rooted connection to the area since his family relocated to the city in 1989.

His personal journey towards chiropractic care was sparked by a series of injuries sustained during his time as a dedicated academy-level football player.


His approach to chiropractic treatment centres on uncovering the root cause of the issue, alleviating pain, restoring proper functionality, and providing personalised exercises to prevent future recurrences.

Driven by his fascination with biomechanics, Danny is a qualified mobility specialist and strength coach. he also holds his International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC) qualification. His expertise in these areas allows him to delve into the intricate mechanics of the body, enabling him to deliver tailored care and optimal results.


His internationally recognised ICSC certification empowers him to treat athletes at prominent sporting events, including the Olympics and World Games. Throughout his career, Danny has amassed valuable experience working with athletes across various sports disciplines, honing his skills in the pursuit of excellence.

With his extensive knowledge, skill set, and qualifications, Danny is uniquely positioned to provide exceptional chiropractic care to individuals of all backgrounds, aiming to restore their well-being and help them achieve their physical goals.

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Chiropractors are known as the non-surgical spine experts. However, they can help with much more than just the spine!

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