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Ready to race?

Spring has sprung and those runners amongst you have dusted off their trainers and have started pounding the pavements. But are you concerned about how to stay injury free and perform to the best of your abilities?

A sports massage is a good place to start. During a massage the circulatory system is stimulated which delivers the oxygenated blood rich in nutrients to the muscle tissue.

If you are preparing for a marathon or just out for a gentle trot, a sports massage keeps you muscles at optimum length and in good condition. We can also offer advice about posture and stretching to preserve the good feelings post massage.

Why do sports massage and running work well together?

  • Recover faster (reducing muscle soreness and fatigue)

  • Prevent injuries (increasing joint range of motion)

  • Improve performance (better posture and gait)

Getting a massage pre and post run will benefit you but real improvements can be felt with regular massages and also preventing a niggle from becoming an injury. So do book in soon.

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