Insurance Providers 

At the clinic, we often get asked if patients can claim their fees back from their health insurance companies. For most patients, the answer is yes.


We have chiropractors and physiotherapists who are recognised by both Bupa and Axa PPP as well as all other health insurers.

BUPA and Axa insurers have a restricted list of recognised practitioners in each specialty, Catherine Barber is covered by all insurance companies - including Bupa and Axa.

There are a number of requirements for recognition from being in practice for more than 5 years to having references from medical consultants and colleagues. We also have to adhere to strict guidelines on quality assurance and patient satisfaction. 

If you are thinking of making a claim on your health insurance for chiropractic then it’s worth checking your policy to see if there is an excess and to check the limit of the cover. You will then need to call your insurer to get a claim number which you can pass on to us. You may also need to be referred by a GP in order to make a claim. This is usually straightforward and most GPs are happy to do this.


Danny Adams and Oladele Bamisaye are also AXA PPP registered along with all other major health insurance companies. 


Jo Morgan is also BUPA registered. 

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