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Sports Injuries

Sports Chiropractor Qualifications

Danny Adams is your lead sports chiropractor and sports injury specialist here at the clinic. 

Danny is an ICSC qualified Chiropractor that has worked with various sports teams and individuals, both amateur and professional, during his career.


Chiropractors today are an important part of many multi-disciplinary medical support teams in professional sport treating and managing sports injuries. 


What is a Sports Chiropractor?
The International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC) program produces a well-rounded Sports injury Chiropractor who is qualified to work in professional sports teams and at major sporting events throughout the world. Events such as the Olympics and World games. The ICSC is the highest level Sports Chiropractic qualification achievable.


To see more about sports Chiropractic qualifications:

Sports injury clinic bristol
Sports injury Clinic Bristol

How can Sports Chiropractic help a Sports injury?

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to play your sport.

Here at Bristol Chiropractic Sports and Family Clinic, our chiropractors and massage therapists play a range of sports and can understand the need to be back competing A.S.A.P!

What separates Sports Chiropractic treatment from other Sports injury therapies is a Chiropractor's ability to get joints and muscles moving again quickly.

Sports Chiropractors are movement experts, for this reason Chiropractic sports injury treatment is known for helping athletes overcome a variety of complicated sports injuries much faster than normal. This is why Sports Chiropractors are now utilised in every professional sport around the world for sports injury management.


Treating a sports injury sooner rather than later may help speed up recovery. We also have patients comment regularly on how their performance increases, usually through improved balance, movement and coordination.


What sports injuries does a Sports Chiropractor treat? 

Here are just some of the injuries a Sports Chiropractor treats


During the initial consultation, your Chiropractor will take a full medical history, examine your ability to move and discuss your lifestyle. Depending on the sports injury, they may want to refer you for an x-ray or MRI if they feel this will help with your diagnosis and treatment plan. 


What therapy does a Chiropractor use to treat a sports injury? 

The treatment can include Massage, Active release, Manipulation, Mobilisation, Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, and Athletic stretching. The treatment used depends on how long it has been there, as well as sports injury severity and the site of sports injury.

Most importantly, our Chiropractors will build progressive bespoke resistance exercises, core exercises, and rehabilitation into your programme to strengthen the area ready for your up and coming event.


Advice is crucial in the rehabilitation process and will be progressively given. Advice on subjects such as pain relief, when to use ice and/or heat, orthotics, braces, and supports. Each injury is different and requires a different rehab approach.

How quickly should I get my sports injury treated?

We recommend getting advice on all injuries as soon as possible. Most athletic individuals know when an injury is more concerning than normal. most 'knocks' or minor strains will resolve but there are some injuries which can be very stubborn. If the pain is more severe than normal or the injury is not resolving as quickly as you'd expect, then we'd recommend getting the injury looked at by Sports Chiropractor.

How long does a sports injury normally last?

Sports injuries come in all shapes and sizes, each injury is different and will require a different approach to resolve. Most minor injuries while playing sports will take a few days to calm down. Though there are some injuries that can last months or years if they are not assessed and managed properly. Some of the injuries that can last a long time are injuries such as tendinopathies and sciatica.

Do Chiropractors only treat back pain?

Chiropractors do treat a lot of spinal issues such as neck and back pain, though a Sports Chiropractor will treat a wide variety of Sports Injury complaints in all of the joints of the body. Please feel free to give our clinic a ring to find out if we can help you.

What is the difference between a Sports Chiropractor and a Sports Physiotherapist?

There are no black and white differences between these professions as both can learn whatever they want after graduating university. However, there are some differences at university level. For example all Sports Chiropractors will graduate with the ability to take X-rays and read them, this does not mean that they will always use X-rays, it just means that they have a deep understanding of what can happen to the bones and joints. Which leads to a better understanding of when to refer for an X-ray when required. Another general difference is that all Chiropractors are taught to manipulate joints and will do so regularly in clinic. You're therefore more likely to receive this powerful treatment intervention.

Our Sports Chiropractor

Chiropractors are known as the non-surgical spine experts. However, they can help with much more than just the spine!

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