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Physiotherapy for kids (Ages 4-16)

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the application of many hands on and hands off techniques to help relieve pain, recover from injury and improve function and ability. It is a health profession that has been proven to be effective in helping people of all ages recover from:


Techniques can differ from one Physiotherapist to another, yet the goal is the same, to get your body working properly again.

Initially you will be asked about your ongoing issues. After this, an assessment will be carried out that will include functional testing (such as checking your ability to move) and specific musculoskeletal (muscle and joints) testing and neurological testing. The most important thing is that you develop an understanding of your pain and what things you can do to manage this in the short and long term.


Treatment can be composed of a variety of approaches. Such as simple massage, soft tissue/myofascial release or techniques designed to get the joints moving, such as 'mobilisation'.

Treatment can sometimes involve acupuncture (this is optional and only performed if you feel comfortable with it) - this can be integrated into the session or in some cases can be administered as a stand alone session.


What happens after the hands on care?

We give you bespoke exercises for you to perform at home. If you feel more treatment in the clinic is required, then we can book you back in, Though, if you feel that you can self manage the problem yourself using our advice and exercises, then our job is done. Just let us know if you need help again in the future with any problems or exercises progressions and we'll be happy to help. We are always available to discuss your needs and recommend the best course of action.


How many sessions do I need?

There is no set idea here, each injury will differ and no two people will take the same amount of time to recover. Each session is taken in turn and no attempt will be made to get you to sign up to a long term “course” of treatment.


Tell me more about acupuncture

Western Medical Acupuncture (WMA) differs from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as it focuses primarily on pain relief for which there is strong evidence supporting its use. For simple MSK issues it can be incorporated into a slightly extended session or for more chronic pain it can be a stand alone treatment. It is particularly effective in people with unexplained pain which has not responded to normal, hands-on physiotherapeutic approaches.

Our Physiotherapist

Bristol Physiotherapist Ginny Ward

Physiotherapy for ages 4-16

Ginny Ward

Physiotherapy rehabilitation

A very important part of any muscle and joint treatment

Progressed home exercises will help you improve quicker and stop recurrence.

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