Paediatric Chiropractic

We have a passion for pregnancy and babies here at the clinic and are able to offer baby centered chiropractic care. Our job is to make sure, post birth that our babies are tension free and have the optimal ability to feed, sleep well and feel comfortable. 

We assess babies using very light and gentle pressure. This is so we can check the motion of their joints, as well as their ability to stretch. We also perform a gentle cranial assessment to look for any possible causes of discomfort in the cranial region post birth. 

Treatment is always done when the baby is calm and relaxed, if not we rebook the session to a more appropriate time. The treatment is commonly performed on the spine and cranial bones in the head to help relieve tension and pressure. Your chiropractor can explain more about this during your session. 

The pressure used to assess and treat a baby is about the amount you may use to check the ripeness of a tomato and we find that many babies actually fall asleep during their treatment sessions!

Our Paediatric Chiropractor Cat has completed post graduate courses in pediatric care and spends most her professional development time studying paediatric and pregnancy topics. 

We offer FREE 'baby checks' for all our patients that are currently registered to the practice. These FREE sessions are available to those who'd like to know more about chiropractic care for babies and would like a post-birth checkup for their new arrival. Please ask at reception for more details. 

Our Paediatric Chiropractor

Catherine Barber

A very important part of any muscle and joint treatment

Progressed home exercises will help you improve quicker and stop recurrence.

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