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Chiropractic for babies and children

We have a passion for pregnancy and baby healthcare here at the clinic and are pleased to be able to offer baby, child and adolescent centered chiropractic care.

Babies (0-2 years old)


Our Paediatric Chiropractor's role is to work alongside your GP and physio to ensure post birth that our babies are tension and restriction free, these spinal tensions may be affecting breastfeeding and motor development. 


Assessment of babies is performed using very light and gentle pressure.


The assessment is always done when the baby is calm and relaxed, if not we rebook the session to a more appropriate time.


Our Chiropractor, Catherine, has completed post graduate courses in paediatric care, through Steve Williams and courses at the AECC University, she spends the majority of her professional development time studying paediatric and pregnancy topics.

Children and adolescents (2-16)

A Paediatric Chiropractor has to understand the development of muscles, nerves and joints of the human body throughout all the earlier years of our lives. 

Lots can happen during these years of growth which can sometimes cause concern. Having muscle, joint and nerve concerns checked over by our Paediatric Chiropractor will help with your understanding of what is happening.


Hands on care is often recommended by our Chiropractor, this can often bring much needed relief from discomfort alongside home exercises and management advice.

If the issue is something we decide is not suitable for Chiropractic care, then we will refer you to the expert we think you'll need to see.

Our Paediatric Chiropractor

Baby child being treated by a chiropractor in bristol
Bristol Chiropractor for baby Children Catherine Barber

Catherine Barber

chiropractor treating a baby child in bristol
Bristol Chiropractic Rehabilitation

A very important part of any muscle and joint treatment

Progressed home exercises will help you improve quicker and stop recurrence.

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