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Neck Pain

Our modern living often entails hours of driving and hunching over workstations, which can put a lot of strain and tension through our neck and shoulders. Neck pain is a common condition that chiropractors treat on a daily basis.


Neck pain may be aggravated by abnormalities in muscles, ligaments (soft tissues) nerves, as well as in the bones and the joints of the spine.

The most common causes of neck pain that chiropractors identify and treat are:


  • Muscle or ligament strain/sprain

  • Postural related neck pain

  • Repetitive strain injuries

  • Dysfunctional joints in the neck. 

The neck is a narrow structure, that houses the vast majority of nerves that connect your brain to your body.

Losing motion of the neck through stiff joints and muscles can lead to pain and sometimes a nerve irritation. We call this mechanical neck pain.

What are the symptoms of a trapped nerve in the neck? 

Nerve irritation can refer pain away from the neck area, such as in to your arms and between the shoulder blades. 

Our chiropractors will use specific orthopedic testing as well as muscles test to determine your diagnosis. 

What is involved in the treatment? 
Here at the clinic, we use a wide range of treatments for your neck pain:
We routinely use: 
  • Massage, 
  • Trigger point therapy, 
  • Stretching 
  • Dry needling
  • Rock taping
Patients can be nervous of manipulation to the neck, which we can understand, however, find it very effective for mechanical neck pain. 

Our highly trained chiropractors assess and chat through your treatment options with you.

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