Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage makes up one arm of our pregnancy care team here at our Bristol clinic.


Each Pregnancy massage session is designed to nurture you and your baby through the whole of your pregnancy.


Physically there are many benefits to having regular massages during pregnancy. They can help to improve your comfort by reducing swelling and water retention, relaxing sore, achy hips and easing muscle tension.

Our Massage therapists can work with you to adjust the pressure of the massage, change your position and even take a short break if that's what you need. Our pregnancy massage sessions are designed to provide balance and calm for the mind and body.

Seeking treatment for these pregnancy-related health issues can be difficult, as common medications for muscle pains and aches may not be available. Pregnancy massage is a holistic form of massage where sore and achy parts of the body are relaxed and stretched.

Massage involves pressure of the body's soft tissues. It is commonly used to help relax tense muscles and to soothe and calm the individual. Massage may help to relieve pain by assisting with relaxation through obstructing sensory nerve communication of the pain pathways and by improving blood flow and oxygenation of tissues

Call us about our massage packages and special offers to see what may suit your needs, commonly we find we get requests for neck, shoulders and upper body along with lower back, hips and legs.

Pregnancy Massage Table

"A massage lying comfortably and safely on your tummy!? While pregnant?"


That's right, you can lie on your front during the massage, no matter what size bump you have. Our specialist couch has an opening in the middle section which allows your precious bump to lie in, allowing mum to receive her massage safely in comfort.

Your tummy is not able to hang through the opening due to a strong elastic flexible mesh sling in the opening, which braces and supports the abdomen. This means there is very little pressure on the lower back, pelvic joints.

Whatever stage of pregnancy you're at, blankets and towels will also be used to make you comfortable and feeling fully supported.


Having mum lying face down allows our massage therapist to effectively massage the muscles of the neck, shoulders and back, so you will finally get to enjoy the familiarity of lying face down.

​The relief of being able to lie in a position you thought wasn’t possible is a wonderful release, you will not want to get up!

Pregnancy massage couch in bristol
massage couch in bristol therapy room
Pregnancy Chiropractic in Bristol

An effective and very gentle option for mums struggling with aches and pains in their joints and muscles during pregnancy.