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Massage Therapy

Lianne Everett

Massage Therapist
Sports Massage level 3 (iTEC)

Passionate about the intersection of sports and wellness, Lianne is a dedicated sports massage therapist with a mission to optimise athletic performance and reduce injuries.


With a deep commitment to her field, she is actively working towards becoming a sports chiropractor, driven by her desire to provide comprehensive care.

Lianne's expertise extends beyond the therapy room; she plays a vital role within a rugby medical team, offering critical care and support to injured athletes. This hands-on experience fuels her understanding of sports-related injuries and supports her pursuit of advancing sports medicine.

Driven by her fervor for helping athletes achieve their best, Lianne combines practical knowledge, a passion for sports—especially rugby—and a commitment to ongoing learning to provide holistic care for those pursuing excellence in sports.

Deep tissue massage is your choice if you're looking for firm pressure to get rid of stubborn muscles tightness

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