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What is included in the first visit to Bristol Chiropractic SFC?
It's natural to feel apprehensive about your first appointment, esp if you haven't received chiropractic care before. We have a welcoming team of receptionists that will ask you to fill in the relevant paperwork.
Your chiropractor will then take you into a private consulting room and go through a thorough history and examination.
A report of findings is given on the day, which will explain your injury and plan of how we are going to address it and get you back to normal!

Treatment is given on the day of your appointment booking unless your chiropractor feels you may need an x-ray or scan.
The cost of the appointment  (£50.00) includes treatment and can last up to 55 mins. Your chiropractor will provide you with an information sheet detailing your injury and plan of management.
If further treatments are advised you are then welcome to book the recommended amount to assure you get your preferred days and times. The 4-7pm slots get booked fairly quickly, along with Saturday mornings.

What shall I wear?
On the first appointment, we want to look at spinal function and posture. We ask males to wear a loose fitting t-shirt and loose fitting trousers or shorts and females to wear a tank top and gym leggings, we also provide clinic gowns for your comfort if we need to ask you undress.

How long do chiropractic appointments last?
Your first appointment is scheduled for up to 55 mins, this includes consultation and treatment. Follow up appointments are scheduled for 20-30 mins. The time with your chiropractor is at their discretion, sometimes adjustments and soft tissue may not need the full 30 mins of scheduled time.

What does a follow-up appointment mean?
A follow-up appointment is an appointment after your initial consultation. Follow up appointments will include your treatment, following your plan of management to get the injury healed and will include exercises and rehabilitation time to get the best out of your care. Our follow up appointments are £34.00, we accept cards and cash at the clinic.

You can pay up front for the appointments, we do ask that you don't wait until the end of treatment unless your insurance is covering your care.

If you refer a friend or family member to the clinic, you will receive 50% off your next session as a thank you. We see value in rewarding our current patients!

Can I use my private healthcare insurance?
Yes, you can use your private healthcare with our chiropractors, our clinic manager Maria will be able to give you more information about how to claim. We ask you to bring your authorisation number from your provider with you to your initial appointment.





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