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Possibly the most important part of any patient's recovery are the rehabilitation exercises. The exercises that your clinician gives you are aimed at helping you heal faster and to decrease the chance of recurrence.

Exercises are often given in conjunction with receiving Chiropractic care and Sports massage in the clinic. Research has found that Chiropractic treatment and exercise work best for injuries when used together.

This is why we follow the four stages of treatment - Injury, treatment, rehab, maintenance.

Injury - brings you to see us, where we assess and put a plan of management together

Treatment - This is not just about cracking the joints. Treatment consists of multiple aspects such as hands on care, home exercises, analgesic advice, nutritional advice and ergonomic advice for home and at work.

Rehab - this is brought in to the treatment as soon as possible, often during the first treatment. It is then regularly re-assessed and progressed.

Maintenance - Also known as MOTs, these visits are recommended once the pain stops.  Research has shown that these occasional check up visits help prevent most injury relapses.

There are many different stages to rehabilitation and knowing what to do and when is the key to a successful recovery.

The key to successful rehabilitation is simplicity. By focusing on a few key progressed and re-evaluated exercises, rather than lots of complicated ones, you will see much faster progress. It is very easy to spend a lot of time doing the wrong exercises, often wasting a lot of time and effort.

Our team are here to look after you. If you are in need of any new exercises or have forgotten how to do yours correctly, get in touch. Your clinician will be happy to speak to you by email or phone to help you with your prescribed home exercises.

We can not only show you exercises in the clinic, we can often send you videos to follow as well. Just ask your clinician.

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