Holistic and Swedish Massage

Beata Law and Gill Cowen

Beata and Gill are qualified under the Massage Training Institute, and follow its key values of integrity, sensitivity, and creativity during massage sessions.

During MTI training, great importance is placed on how the practitioner communicates and interacts with the client. The MTI therapist works 'with' the client rather than just giving a massage.

What is the difference between a Swedish and holistic massage?


Holistic Massage

Holistic massage is an individual treatment that is specifically tailored to each client, by relying on the use of different techniques and pressures by our therapists. Training in Holistic massage includes taking into account their emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well as the physical body. this means that deep tissue, fascial work may be applied during the session along with light effleurage pressure on more delicate areas.

This allows the therapists to address the body's needs during the session, as opposed to sports massage which may look at a muscular injury that needs deep pressure to rid scar tissue and muscle tension.


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage was developed by Pehr Henrik Ling (1776-1839), a Swedish sports teacher, who combined Chinese gymnastic and medical techniques with sports medicine to create technique for decreasing muscle soreness, increasing flexibility and promoting general health.


Swedish massage focuses on gentle to moderate pressure strokes moving toward the heart and is performed massage oil to reduce friction.  Techniques used in Swedish massage include long and gliding movements, kneading, vibration, tapping, and friction. Therapists may also use bending and stretching movements to relax joints. Swedish massage can be both relaxing and energizing and helps to provide a feeling of overall well-being.


Holistic massage

60 Minutes / Beata and Gill

Book now for a deep relaxtion experience with Beata or Gill. Relax and unwind during an hour of calm.

Gift vouchers avaliable from reception.



Swedish Massage

90 Minutes  / Beata

Choose an energising massage to invigorate tissues and stretch your body.

Gift vouchers avaliable from reception.



swedish massage

60 Minutes / Beata

Extended session with Beata to allow total relaxtion and full body focus.

Gift vouchers avaliable from reception.



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