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Look after yourself on holiday!!

Look after yourself on your holiday… a few tips from our Chiropractors to help you stay whilst travelling this summer.

The summer holidays are here and many of us will soon be leaving on our travels. However, long flights, heavy suitcases, different beds can all reek havoc on our bodies. Our Chiropractors tell you some of the ways you can help keep yourself fit whilst on holiday this summer.

Before you go:

  • Choose your suitcase wisely- buy lightweight cases with wheels so you don’t have to carry them.

  • Push your suitcase rather than pull it-pulling the case behind you causes you to twist your body. Pushing the case in front of you allows you to stay in a front line.

When Flying:

  • Drink plenty of water-whilst flying to avoid dehydration as this can aggravate back and muscle problems.

  • Keep mobile- get up and stretch your legs when you can. In your seat, you can do buttock clenches, calf clenches and foot circle to keep the blood flowing.

  • Watch your posture-Bad posture whilst driving causes lots of back problems. Ensure you sit upright, well supported by the seat. Put a cushion in the low back if needed for extra support.

  • Regular Breaks- Stop and get out of the car at regular intervals- at least every couple of hours

  • Don’t drive when tired- travelling when tired is more likely to cause injuries

At your Holiday Home:

  • Check the bed!- soft beds offer poor support for low backs and may cause problems. If the bed is too hard, consider putting an extra duvet under the sheets.

  • When on the sun lounger- be careful not to lie on your stomach with your back and neck arched up to read a book- consider putting your book on the floor over the edge of the bed to allow you to keep your neck in a straight line.

  • Get active! We may all like to lounge around on holiday but it is also the perfect time to keep active- go for a swim, a walk along the beach or grab a bike for a short ride.

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