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Can Chiropractic help with sports injuries?

Usain Bolt with his chiropractor

This is my first blog post, so I thought I would keep it short. Giving an introduction into why chiropractors can help with sporting injuries.

What has chiropractic got to do with sports?

This short video - will give an idea of why chiropractors have a big role in managing people of all sporting backgrounds.

Whatever sport you part take, the times when you can train/compete without thinking about an injury you are carrying is the one of the best feelings any sports person can relate to.

Chiropractors can play a part in managing all sorts of sporting injuries and can help maintain and potentially improve your level of health. As chiropractors we spend four to five years learning about the anatomy and physiology of the human body. This knowledge helps us recognise and treat injuries caused by playing sport.

Flexibility, strength, range of motion are a few important aspects of keeping your body in shape for your given activity. By using treatments such as adjustments, mobilisations and massage, we can help you optimise your athletic performances.

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