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"5 things I discovered as a new Chiropractic Patient" - Lindsey

I recently had the pleasure of receiving chiropractic treatment at Bristol Chiropractic Sports and Family Clinic and thought it may be helpful to share my experience as a patient for anyone who may be considering treatment but isn’t sure what to expect.

I started working as a receptionist at the clinic a few months ago and have become very used to patients telling me how much treatment helps them! However, despite being a karate athlete and coach for many years, and as a result having my fair share of sporting injuries, I had no previous personal experience of chiropractic treatment.

I won’t deny I was slightly nervous and a little squeamish at the prospect of having any

realignment work or dry needling done, but Lizzie had very kindly offered to help with my

numerous aches and pains and I wasn’t about to refuse the opportunity to feel better!


At the start of the new chiropractic patient session Lizzie took the time to listen. She has known me for a few months now but there was no presumption or judgement on my various aches and pains. I’ve had hip surgery and major knee surgery over the last three years in addition to dealing with hypermobility, chronic health conditions and the joys of peri-menopause, all of which are taking their toll on my health.

She asked questions, listened to the answers and then asked more questions before

beginning any treatment.


This was the part of the process which took me most by surprise!

Nothing was done without explanation or consent. Lizzie explained step by step what

she was going to do and made sure I was comfortable and happy for her to continue

before each part of the treatment.

The alignment she did on my pelvis and back felt weird but I’m less squeamish now I’ve

experienced it. The cracking sounds that emitted from my body made me think it should

be painful, but it wasn’t, it was just noisy. As for the dry needling, I found a couple of the

points Lizzie inserted needles uncomfortable but not painful, the majority I wasn’t aware

of at all.

The massage hit all the tight spots and the end result of the session was me

feeling relaxed and more mobile. As a sports person, the most uncomfortable part of the

session was the bruise to my ego on hearing that some of my muscles aren’t as strong

as they ideally should be to support my joints! However, I left the session equipped with

the tools and knowledge to be able to do the work and make the necessary

improvements to my strength.


Turns out chiropractors are very observant people! Lizzie was checking in

with me throughout the session, not just verbally but watching my physical reaction to

what was happening. As she said to me when she saw me tense up before she inserted

a needle in my knee ‘there are no medals for bravery, we can treat this differently if you

want me to’.

She was right, I was absolutely trying to brave out my nerves and had

already tensed up at the prospect of pain which, as it turned out, was totally

unnecessary as it didn’t hurt! She helped me to relax, reminded me not to hold my

breath and told me numerous interesting and random facts to keep my brain occupied!


The breadth of knowledge Lizzie demonstrated about my injuries

and medical conditions was both impressive and reassuring. I’ve seen all the certificates

on the walls and fully appreciate the many years of training and continued CPD all of the

chiropractors at the clinic undergo to be as highly qualified as they are. But experiencing

that knowledge and understanding on a personal level is hugely reassuring as a patient.


This one didn’t come as much of a surprise as I know all the chiropractors here

care about their patients, but my experience as a patient really enforced it. It felt good to

have someone actively listen to how I was feeling and take a kind and caring approach

to treatment.

For anyone considering chiropractic treatment, I hope reading about my experience helps. If

you’d like an appointment please don’t hesitate to give me a call and I’ll put my receptionist hat back on and get you booked in, either for a consultation and treatment appointment, or for a free chat with one of the awesome team of chiropractors here who can discuss things with you in more detail.



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