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Berwick Lodge Training Day

This team away day was a great opportunity to get everyone together after not being able to have any Christmas parties due to Covid. This was the first big away day we'd had since 2019.

Almost everyone was able to attend and we were really lucky with the weather. The agenda was to cover the whole process that our clients go through from start to finish to see where we could tease out any potential pitfalls. It was a very fruitful exercise and we came away with a nice list of bits we can improve. We also covered our feedback questionnaire that we sent out a couple of weeks before. I'd like to thank everyone who completed these as they are always very useful for our training away days to help us continue to improve our service.

It was such a lovely venue and we were looked after very well by the staff. The initial plan was to go for a walk after the meeting and lunch, however by the end of the session, the majority voted to go to the pub instead!

The next training away day will be next year and we'll likely choose something a bit more casual with some form of activity involved to break up the training. If you have any recommendations for places where we could go and do some team training and have a bit of a day out, that would be great. We've discussed ideas such as go ape and the driving range but any more thoughts would be very much appreciated!

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