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What mattress do Chiropractors recommend?

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This post is part of our series of Chiropractic recommendations written by Chiropractors. So far in the series we have covered Pillows. If there are any Chiropractic recommendations you would like to ask us about. Please get in touch or leave a comment.

Where do I start with buying a mattress?

There are many mattress options available to the public now in, what has become, a very competative market. There are a range of options with some classic brands available such as Relyon and Vispring, alongside some newer companies such as Simba* or Emma*.

It is generally recommended to change your matress every 8 years. Choosing a mattress can be a very time consuming and expensive process. Getting it wrong can often be a very frustrating experience.

What is the price range for mattresses?

The price of a new mattress can range from as little as £99 for a standard double mattress (Ikea) up to £3600 (Brooke and Wilde)

Luckily a lot of companies (such as Emma*) offer a free returns, money back garauntee if you dont get on with their product.

Mattress quality can vary a lot and price point may not always reflect quality.

Any tips from a Chiropractor on choosing a mattress?

I highly recommend trying a variety of different mattresses before purchasing one. The classic approach of visiting a bed store such as Dreams is a good idea.

The downside to this approach is the unhygienic process of lying down on a bed that others have likely been on.

The upside is that you get to test out the product.

One trick you my want to try to improve hygiene is to take something (or ask for something from the company) to lie down on to create a hygienic barrier between yourself and the bed, such as a bath or bed sheet.

It may look a bit odd but you're talking about hundreds or thousands of pounds you're about to spend.

Another trick I like, is whenever you have a great night sleep away from home, be it in a hotel or around a friend or family member's. Note down or take a picture of the matress brand and model. Just in case you want to change your mattress model in the future.

Remember, every 8 years is the general recommendation to change your mattress, so its worth being aware of those good night sleeps.

What mattress does a Chiropractor use?

The mattress I use came about as a result of a great night sleep at my Mum's house when we were visiting.

I use a Silentnight* mattress, this mattress provides enough support and comfort that suits my body.

When advising patients about their mattress, I usually explain that the general rule is to try and find a firm mattress with a soft top on it similar to the type you would find with a Tempur topper*.

However, I think the main thing is that everyone is different and everyone's bodies are different. So what might work for you may not work for someone else.

Some of the hybrid mattresses with mixed firmness in can be a bit pricey but they are worth considering.

What mattresses do other Chiropractors recommend?

I asked my colleagues Lizzie, Gareth and Cat what their general recommendations are.

Lizzie recommends a firmer mattress for front or back sleepers and a medium or soft mattress for side sleepers. She also recommends going with what feels right rather than what the salesmen thinks is 'correct for them'.

Gareth adds that he recommends getting a mattress with atleast 3 months warranty. So you can 'try before you buy'.

Cat said, regarding brands, she tends to recommend Sealy* and Emma* mattresses.

The Sealy brand (if you have never heard of it) promotes itself as being 'posturepedic' and they are well known to Chiropractors in the UK as being a reliable brand.

Will changing mattress solve my back pain?

In some cases, an old mattress can be the main cause of lower back pain. However, with back pain it is never easy to determine the exact cause, unless there has been a specific incident.

Even with a one off incident, this is not indicative of overall lower back health.

The cause of an individual's back pain requires an in depth discussion about multiple lifestyle factors, as well as a physical examination to determine the cause.


I hope this guide has helped you in finding a mattress. Remember that everyone is different, what suits your body may not suit someone else's.

Consider trying a variety of mattresses before committing to a purchase, take your time as it can be an expensive mistake if you get it wrong.



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